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Monday, October 18, 2010

Writer's Block

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while I suffer from the dreaded writer's block.

It’s like the word rain…never AND I MEAN NEVER EVER say that four letter word on a beautiful sunny day in British Columbia.  It’s like swearing around here.

Here’s today’s schedule. My hubby’s sick in bed. He came home with a fever from work last night. So I’m tirelessly nursing him. Took my son to school this morning and my daughter’s on her computer beside me, typing away, reading email and doing whatever it is she does first thing (usually it’s youtubing). And as for me…well I’m sitting here staring at my computer screen trying to write.

My second novel is due out in November and I need to get in my AIF form to the publisher so the book cover can be done and the final editing etc. Part of the contents required in this form is the BCB (back cover blurb) and this has to be done in order to give the potential reader an idea of what the book is about (brief synopsis sort of). It’s also a marketing tool used by the author and publisher to promote sales.

Okay so here I’ve sat for three days, literally three long days, banging my forehead off my desk. Everything else–I’ve got it! Yep! Log Line no problem! I even did the BCB and Log Line for my next novel (go figure)?? I can write until the cows come home, weave a fantastic story out of absolutely nothing–but this…. I’m at a total loss, ugh! 

So now I’m asking my fellow writers–actually anyone…

What do you do when you encounter this problem?

I better get back to work! That’s all for today!
Happy Yaoi Hunting!!
Blak Rayne ^_^!!


  1. Ah, poor B.R. Don't hunt me down when I say I've never had IT. The slowest time for me with writing is starting out. The first couple chapters. The words are there, but the characters are hesitant to come out and play.

    They take the first couple chaps to feel me about, and I do the same. By the time chapter five comes around, we're sailing in the breeze.

    Synopses are my mortal enemies, and even then it isn't so much the lack of words as it is cramming a bloody novel into 3-5 pages.

    Good luck!


  2. Thanks Avril. For me it seems to be the complete opposite, right from the start I'm typing like a madwoman, scared that I won't get every word in before I forget. But the BCB yuck! LOL