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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Woman's Best Friend??

Men have dogs and women have cats, at least that’s what I think! Meet Mack, my new found love!

Cats… And I say that with frustration, because not twenty minutes ago there were two running through my house fighting with each other (the male dominance thing)!

It was a spring night when I heard my daughter and son excitedly laughing and running around on the patio at the back of the house. At first I didn’t really take any notice because they were happy, not fighting (what a bonus), and so I returned to my office to continue writing. Anyone who has children and especially fellow writers will appreciate this…I have to be granted total solitude when I’m in the middle of a project. I need the peace to concentrate and keep my thoughts flowing. Well on this night there was no way in hell I was going to get that!

As usual there was some catastrophe–well not life threatening, but it had stirred my kids up. My children had found a little ball of grey fluff on our patio. Yes, you guessed it, a very loveable and cuddly kitten. A little being, which wasn’t invited but definitely friendly and made himself right at home. My kids were smitten and if the truth be told, so was I. I have this soft spot for fluffy anything, kittens, puppies, hamsters…you get the picture. And especially ones that are similar in appearance to my favourite pet cat Bruiser, who died many years ago.

This kitten seemed pretty young to be running around in the dark. My children begged and we took him in. I know, don’t say it, we fed him and fawned all over him. Then we let him go.
Okay, he returned the next morning, paws up on the rear patio door, whining and looking all cute. I promised my kids, if we couldn’t find his owners, we might be able to keep him (not that we tried too hard to find them lol). A few days later and a girl came into our yard calling for, you guessed it, our newly acquired friend. I was a little disheartened and I stood at the window all forlorn watching her take him away.

Ahhh but my story doesn’t end there, it’s only begun! Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Now Mack (as we discovered his name is) has damn near moved in. Every chance he gets, he sneaks into our garage or darts through the patio door when it’s left open. I even caught him bouncing on my bed and hiding behind my potted plants. He isn’t the talkative type, but loves to steal food, play with the jingle mouse and jump all over our furniture. I’d classify him as more of a gigilo lol! Love ya and leave ya! Actually he’s a little shit disturber. But that’s my fault. I fed the damned animal.

Moral of this story… Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Happy Yaoi Hunting!!
Blak Rayne ^_^!!


  1. I can appreciate that. We were a magnet family, everyone knew if they brought a stray animal to our place, we'd take it in. As I grew up we had an assortment of pets. Tons of cats, sometimes 3-4 at a time. We save a wild pigeon, kept a young robin that wasn't quite old enough to fly, so we stayed with us for about a week I think till he could fly. He would sit on the top of the curtains until one of us stood by the dining room table where he was fed and he'd fly over and land on one of us. We let him go after that. Also had gerbils, even a three legged one. All manner of fish, I was heavy into aquarium for a while and had a 90 gallon fresh water tank and a couple of smaller tanks. I actually bred a farlowella once. One survived and grew up. Rats I've had quite a few. In fact I've been thinking of getting another one. Rats make great pets. Very playful and smart.

    The only thing no one brought to our door that I would have taken in for sure was a horse. For some reason no one ever lost one of them.

    When I grew up I got Dobermans. I love those dogs. I have never had a dog velcro himself to me as much as this guy did. He'd follow me in while I was having a bath and he'd lie or sit with his head on the side of the tub. I always put bubble bath in the tub and he'd get soap all over his nose. Even full grown at 80 lbs he still sat in my lap, even if I was in a chair.

  2. We had cats, hamsters, bunnies, birds and fish growing up. It sounds like your house was very busy! And what a great influence for the imagination!