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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Men Looking at Women-Jacqueline George #sex #lust #love #adult #erotic #mustread

Men Looking at Women...

What do men think looks sexy?

People as different as men and women are bound to have different ideas about what looks sexy. Men are believed to take in a whole-body image of a woman when they first see her. If she is interesting, they register an image of her sexual features – legs, butt, breasts – and then add hair and face. Interestingly, men find it difficult to recall details of what she was wearing or the color of her eyes. They retain a strong opinion of her attractiveness but often cannot tell you much beyond whether she was wearing a skirt or pants. It is as if they are more interested in the effect of her presentation than the details of the presentation itself. A woman seeing the same person is much more likely to be able to recall what she was wearing, perhaps because her mind is unclouded by the question of sexual attractiveness.
It follows that subtlety is probably wasted on men; it will be only the obvious that stays in their minds. There is not much point worrying about the color balance of the chiffon scarf you have wound about your neck to highlight your new blouse. He might remember that you had something around your neck but he will certainly recall that the cold had made your nipples stick out like thumbs.
Women look in acid scorn at the girl at the party who has the men hanging around her like dogs at a barbecue. She is dressed just like a slut, her skirt is too short, her breasts are halfway out of her blouse, and those heels are ridiculous. But hey, she is not sitting at home on Saturday night waiting for the phone to ring. She must be doing something right.
Men in bed dream about sex. Their minds are filled not with pictures of fashion statements but erotic images of women. Of succulent thighs, rounded hips, soft and swinging breasts, heavy feminine bottoms. And that is what they find sexy when they are awake as well.
Don’t Men care about Personality?
Nope. Not at first sight. An empty-headed bimbo will get as much attention as you do. Or probably more, because she survives by getting men to take care of her and she has had a lifetime of practice. But don’t be depressed; it doesn’t take much of a personality to catch a man but you will need one to keep him.
In the meantime, you must concentrate on understanding what men find sexy, so watch the bimbos and learn. It should not be too difficult. After all, you are smarter than they are, aren’t you?
Men are so Childish!
Well, yes, I can see why you might say that, but you would be wrong. Let me give you two reasons. Firstly, heterosexual men make up nearly half of the population. If they all have similar reactions to women (and they do, believe me) then you cannot call the reactions childish. They are part of the fundamental male spirit.
The second reason is that some of the very same men have painted masterpieces, created sublime music, ruled empires and written literature that endures for centuries. Nearer to home you have devoted fathers, solid carers and servers of the community, and quiet gardeners. Inside all of them, sometimes open for view and sometimes discretely hidden, is the same old Adam who would just love to reach out and caress the waitress’s bottom. It is simply the nature of the beast. You do not have to like the situation, just understand how it works.
Oh, and if you are ever feeling superior about it, run down to the newsagents or supermarket check-out and buy a gossip magazine or a Mills & Boon novel. Who looks shallow and childish now?

Jacqueline lives in Far North Queensland, on the shore of the Coral Sea. She keeps herself busy with her cats and garden, and by writing books - some of which are far too naughty for her own good. You can find out more about Jacqueline and her books at www.jacquelinegeorgewriter.com

Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Release Blog Tour! Kindle Fire Giveaway! Dreams Do Come True-Tonya Kinzer #sex #erotic #lesbian #lgbtq #giveaway #newrelase #mustread

Dreams Do Come True 
Book 1 
'Through His Lens' Series
By Tonya Kinzer

Sandi’s career has taken off as a model and she loves her photographer…just not the way he wished she did. The men of her past abused her one too many times and the one woman in her life is being treated the same way. Can she get Kiera away from her abusive relationship and show her what true love really is? The two of them have been roommates for two years where Sandi has been forced to comfort her each time she’s been abused. Determined to put a stop to the abuse, Sandi has to show Kiera a new relationship already exists for her.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Junjou Romantica - Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi #gay #manga #Japanese #yaoi #sex #adult #series #mustread

Junjou Romantica-Usagi and Misaki
Anime Series Reviews- 

Junjou Romantica or “Pure Romance”, which has many alternate titles, is a yaoi manga series by Shungiko Nakamura that focuses on three storylines: the main couple Usagi (famous author) and Misaki (college student), whose stormy romance comprises the majority of the books, and two other couples that provide ongoing side stories titled: “Junjo Egoist” and “Junjo Terrorist”.  Junjo Egoist is about Kamijou Hiroki (college professor) and Kusama Nowaki (med-student), and Junjo Terrorist is a slow burn romance between Miyagi (college professor) and his very young ex brother-in-law Shinobu (high school student). The books have branched into several Drama-CDs, a manga series running in Asuka Ciel, and a 24 episode anime series, as well as a light novel series titled "Junai Romantica" that’s run in The Ruby magazine.

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi - Ritsu and Takano
On top of Junjou Romantica, the author wrote a spin-off titled Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi or “The Best First Love in the World”, which again, focuses on yaoi romance, the central pair being Ritsu (shōjo manga editor) and his first love he’d met in school Takano (EIC). Which becomes a twisted love triangle of sorts when Yokozawa, Takano’s friend, sticks his nose in; a jealous sales manager who eventually finds his own true love in another spin-off in the Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi – Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai manga novels and movie. The other couples are: Yoshiyuki or Tori (manga editor) and Chiaki (manga author), whose relationship becomes an triad when Yuu, Chiaki’s other childhood friend interferes; then you have Kisa (manga editor) and Yukina (sexy bookstore clerk). There is a fourth relationship slipped in and easily overlooked if you don’t pay attention, Ryuuichiro (editor) and Kauro Asahina (secretary). Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi was also done as a 24 episode anime series.

I watched the shows first, then found the books to read. Both have engrossing plots and provide an in-depth portrait of what publishing in the manga world is like, as I was informed, quite true to form. So, being an author, I really enjoyed these series, carefully absorbing every word. But I can’t decide which if either appeals to me more. The only thing I will say is I was drawn to certain couples. In Junjou Romantica my favourite relationship was Hiro-san (Kamijou) and Nowaki (Kusama). No matter the turbulence throughout their lengthy courtship, these intensely romantic men manage to stay together. To a lesser degree I also favoured Usagi and Misaki.
Hiro-san and Nowaki

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi had a different feel, and I can’t pinpoint one couple I really preferred other than Ritsu and Takano, and the only reason I’ve chosen them is because out of all the characters in the SIH series Takano was my favourite—my God the man had stamina to put up with Ritsu’s crap, taking into consideration how many times Ritsu hurt him. In real life, I would’ve slapped that “bitch” and moved on. As you can probably tell, Ritsu wasn’t my flavour of the month. He’s a whiny, snivelling ass, the type of uke I cannot stand. And, in the end, he still didn’t have the guts to tell Takano to his face that he loved him. Well, he did, but it was masked as usual. That’s why I’m undecided as to which series is better, or more accurately, my favourite; honestly, I love both, and could watch them over and over again. Maybe my two fav semes Usagi and Takano should get together! I’d pick that one! LOL

Yokozawa and Kirishima
The Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai manga novels and movie were pretty good too. Yokozawa was supposed to be the bad guy, shoving his nose into Takano’s business by constantly upsetting Ritsu, but really he wasn’t. He was in love and his feelings weren’t reciprocated. It took me a while to warm up to him, his low commanding voice and stoic personality. He was the only character who didn’t find romance in the series, however he did later in his own movie.

With the two series and separate movie there's a little something for everyone, even a relationship between an older man and a confused teenager, which honestly, was very sweet and tastefully done, at least in the anime series. When Shinobu gave his big, heart-felt speech to Miyagi on the beach I cried. It reminded me of my own youth and the first man I was in love with at the tender age of sixteen. I even sympathized with the older male characters, some of which had become battering rams for their younger, overly emotional counterparts. Anyway, you get the gist. The yaoi manga are more explicit, of course. 
Shinobu and Miyagi
I give SIH, JR and the Yokozawa movie 5 Stars each!

Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dirty Little Secret - Blak Rayne #sex #attraction #adult #gbltq #mustread #article #lesbian

Dirty Little Secrets

Welcome to BRB, everyone! Okay, I don't usually hand out warnings because everyone, well almost everyone, knows BRB is an adult content blog. And for those who didn't, consider yourself forewarned! LOL 
According to the stats I'm pretty average for the working class Canadian. I'm a white, Anglo-Saxon, protestant woman married with two point two children that lives in a middle class neighbourhood. There are two cars in my garage, we have a cat and a thirty-six hundred square foot home on a quarter acre lot. Supposedly, the area I reside in is considered sort-of snob hill (I don't think so). To me, my house is average for the suburb. As far as my appearance, I think I'm all right, not beautiful but not ugly, attractive in my own way. Never had a problem attracting the opposite sex. My husband and I own a logistics and transportation company, which is just a fancy way of saying 'trucking company'. My children are aged twenty-three and fifteen, and our eldest who is gone was aged thirty-three, and I'm forty-five years of age. No I didn't give birth to my son at aged eleven you silly people! LOL He was my step-son. My husband's nine years my senior (second marriage).
Anyway, you get the gist of what I'm saying. I'm an average women and regardless if you changed my race or religion you'd still come up with the same boring statistics. Now, I'd like you to keep that information in mind. You can tuck it away while reading the rest of this article, but make sure it's handy for future reference. My sexual preference is heterosexual, no secret there. Okay, for the most part, yes. But there have been different points in my life where I seriously wondered if I was bi or perhaps lesbian. And here's where my thoughts stem from.
When I was six years old I'd had two contrasting sexual experiences. The first was a touchy-feelie situation with a twelve year old boy, a neighbour and my best friend. The other was with a girl. The first incident remained a secret, but the second got me in a whole pile of trouble. A school chum, I'll call Sharon, had asked to stay at my place for a sleepover. It was the normal routine. My mother asked her mother, blah, blah, blah, and the following Friday Sharon walked home with me after school. Up until that point, I new nothing of sex other than boys and girls did naughty things without their parents knowledge. What does a child really comprehend anyway? Children have weird and distorted misconceptions of many things in life prior to maturity, after which they usually gain a little more wisdom. 
We did the normal things everyone does at sleepovers. We watched a movie and ate, played with toys and talked. Then when it came time for bed, Sharon did something I'll never forget. Sharon took her panties off and bent over naked in front of me. She asked me to touch her and I refused. Then she wanted to touch me. I freaked because I knew if my mother caught us I'd be beaten to within an inch of my life. Hardcore Baptist. But at the same time I'd been in shock and hadn't fully grasped what happened. Remember, I was approximately six years old. Looking back at the incident with adult eyes, I realize that either Sharon was experimenting, or she had definite sexual preferences already established, or something far worse had gone on in her personal life that no one was aware of. Sharon went home the next day. And that night my mother received a phone call. Yep, you guessed it. Sharon told her mother I had touched her. I don't why she told her mother anything, but I do recall my mother gave me shit and no matter what I said she hadn't believed me. She took the word of the other girl and her mother over mine. My childhood and my mother were an issue for me while growing, but that's a story for another time.
Another incident occurred in high school. Again, I'd gone to a friend's house to stay over night, and let's call her, Tabitha. Tabitha lived alone with her mother. From what I'd understood her parents had divorced during her early childhood. The strange thing, she slept with her mother in the same bed: a big, white-leather, circular waterbed. What sixteen year old girl sleeps with her mother? Trust me, that night and Tabitha's whole life were something straight out of the Twilight Zone. 
Okay, so I went over and after we watched a movie, talked and shared a few cigarettes, I went to the bathroom. When I returned Tabitha had stripped naked and she was sitting on the kitchen counter with her legs spread, which gave me the whole explicit show. She was playing with herself and asked me to lick her. I wasn't a petite girl at five foot eight, one hundred and forty-five pounds. I worked out, was muscular and hell of a lot bigger than Tabitha. Her begging was like a midget asking a giant to stroke his cock, it wasn't going to happen. LOL And sadly, I did have to fight her off. She was unbelievably aggressive. We argued and she cried telling me how much she loved me, and how much she'd wanted me throughout high school. And here's me, totally F***ing oblivious. 
Once things calmed down, I did what I normally would've, I withdrew and contemplated my next move very carefully. I couldn't leave because she'd threatened to tell my mother we'd smoked dope and have her Rottweiler attack me. It was an uncomfortable and frightening situation to be in at sixteen. So, I made a promise. I told her no one would ever know she was a lesbian and that we were still friends; I even allowed her to cuddle and kiss me on the couch. When her mother got home around midnight, I pretended like everything was great and bided my time until I could sneak away later. Not long afterward we went to bed and, you guessed it again, the three of us in the same bed with me stuck in the middle between Tabitha and her mother. I laid there in the dark for what felt like forever, waiting until I was positive they were asleep. Then I inched off the waterbed (yeah, I know, it was tricky), slipped out of the room, threw on my clothes, snuck past the sleeping dog in the back coatroom and out the front door. It took me two hours to walk home in the pitch black. And the look on my mother's face when she answered the door at four in the morning was nothing short of concerned bewilderment. She wanted to know what happened, but I'd refused to say. To this day she still doesn't know, though it's bothered her and she's repeatedly asked. Tabitha and I never spoke again. Too weird for me.
I've had women rub against me in bars. I've even had a few attempt to kiss me, and several friends come on to me. One asked me to dance, told me I was beautiful and she really wanted to try sex. Another friend confessed she loved me and was devastated when I met my husband (second). A lady construction worker used to come into the cafe where I'd worked (years ago) and she always gave me a five dollar tip, then asked me out to dinner. When I explained I had a husband and kids and flashed my wedding rings, her reaction: extremely upset. I felt awful.

I don't know what it is or why all these women have tried to pick me up. What's the attraction? I've questioned myself repeatedly. Is it the forbidden fruit? Do I give off the wrong vibes? My personal perspective, I can be very masculine, sort of a Tomboy, but equally as feminine. I have a lower voice (I've been told sultry voice) and aggressive persona, maybe some women find a larger, stronger woman like me more appealing. Have I ever had sexual thoughts about women? I have to confess, yes. I think it's natural when you've been approached by others of the same sex and if you do find them physically attractive you're bound to feel something. The construction worker was very pretty; I'd actually pictured her naked while we'd talked at one point. I know sexually I could easily please another female. But it's whether I really want to or not. Deep down I love men and I've never felt a strong enough urge for the same sex, but that doesn't mean I couldn't take a female partner. In my eyes, love doesn't discriminate. What do you think? Food for thought.

Blak Rayne