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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

PDA The Final Sexual Frontier #sex #adult #public #PDA #love #lust

PDA – The Final Sexual Frontier

Welcome to BRB, everyone! For those who don’t know PDA is a Backstreet Boys song, which stands for Public Display of Affection. A song title that has provided the foundation for my article today, as well as food for thought.

Are you bold? Would you hold hands with your partner in public? Would you grab him or her by the ass and dive in deep with your tongue? Or do you prefer the intimacy to be a little more privately contained? 

People are funny creatures, but also creatures of habit. We do what we feel is appropriate to our own personal needs and what we deem comfortable, and each has a specific comfort zone. A minority of the populace are quite brazen and don’t give a shit who sees what, while others are on the timid side and prefer to keep the lovin’ behind closed doors. 

I'm reminded of the diversity in human nature on a daily basis because I’m naturally observant. I can spend literally hours people watching. Over a year ago, I was in Vancouver heading to the courthouse, when I noticed a pair of homeless people screwing on the courthouse steps. And even though, they were concealed within a cocoon of sleeping bags, it wasn’t difficult to figure out what they were doing. I had to laugh and kept moving. Now, that was bold. Another time I was at the Abbotsford Airport waiting for my flight when a young couple went at it, tongues and all, before the woman walked through the departures gate. Someone actually told them to get a room. Agreed, it was a bit much, especially with all the children around. Once again, I laughed to myself. Oh what it is to be young and in lust. 

I’m not a prude and I don’t care what people do in the privacy of their own homes, but when it concerns the PDA I think certain things just aren’t necessary. Kiss, yes (within reason). Hold hands, yes. Hug, yes. But blatantly screwing…ah no thanks, take it in doors please. No offense, but most of us aren’t Playboy playmates, and I prefer to keep my lunch down. lol And even if the person is physically beautiful, more so than the average joe, some things are better left to the boudoir.

As for myself, I’ll hold hands and even give a kiss, or hug, but anything beyond that I’m not comfortable with. I suppose I’m old school in my way of thinking. Mutual respect speaks volumes, and I don’t want someone ogling my man. His body should be mine alone to enjoy! :)

Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Top 10 Yaoi Count Down 4 - #yaoi #gay #sex #men #mmromance #romance #gblt #homosexual

Top 10 Yaoi Count Down!

Number 4

Well, you knew it had to make my list sooner or later. Any true yaoi fan knows exactly what I'm referring too. How could I possibly ignore Ayano Yamane's Finder Series (Faindaa no Hyouteki)? Yes, she is also the creator of 'Crimson Spell', which is hugely popular, and too many others to list, but it's Viewfinder I wish to discuss. Viewfinder has broken purchases records everywhere. No matter the character Ayano Yamane draws, it seems to become an instant success.

If there's a more ideal seme I'd like you to point him out, or more submissive uke with attitude, let me know. Ms. Yamane does a near perfect job with her two gorgeous leading men and a story that has more twists and turns than a roller coaster. 

Twenty-three year old Takaba Akihito (blond) is a young freelance photographer who’s always looking for the next big scoop. After he takes photographs of crime lord, Asami Ryuichi's business dealings, Asami kidnaps and rapes him. Which is very typical of the seme/uke relationship. Asami finds the photographer attractive and believes the abuse will place him at an advantage-perhaps scare Takaba. But, of course, over time he develops feelings for Takaba, and finds that he can't stay away from the young man. Takaba claims he's revolted in yet he winds up falling for the crime lord.

Fei Long, a rival Chinese boss, who blames Asami for his father's death, takes an interest in Takaba, as well, and believes he may have found a way to execute a little revenge on Asami. I won't go any further because I'll spoil it. But I will say this manga series does evolve, the plot does thicken and there is a grandiose ending, where true love is finally given a voice.

Asami wasn't my favourite. Initially, his character came across as aloof. Then over time his personality gradually changed. He is kind and he does express genuine affection. If you expect the man to just come out with the verbal romance, forget it. He isn't the type. But he does compliment Takaba. This young man has a big mouth and unfortunately for him it's the cause of most his woes in the beginning. Just as Asami, he changes and you discover that underneath his tough guy attitude and image, he's nice and even insecure.

The first installment with the sadomasochism was kind of a turn-off. When I got past it, the story began to take shape, and I found I was rather impressed. The manga series is really good, and it does have heart with a secret thrown in. It's another long series, so be prepared. I truly enjoyed Viewfinder, and I give it 5 flames because the sex is explicit, the characters are outstandingly beautiful and the plot was well thought out.

Happy Yaoi Hunting

Blak Rayne ^_^!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Slaving Away - Jacqueline George #writing #author #mustread #adultfiction #ebooks #literature


I know Blak is going to agree when I say that producing good books is bloody hard work! Writing them is bad enough, but that is rewarding. When you have written something that feels good, you feel good too. Everything that follows the writing just is plain hard work.

I had a nightmare month a couple of years ago courtesy of a cloud-based website company (thank you, Homestead) when I had to re-create my entire website from scratch. Hours and hours slaving over a hot computer to make something I had already done before. What a waste of my life.

And when the website is functioning smoothly, there is always editing to fill the idle hours (!) You would not believe how difficult it is to eliminate all the typos. I go through and through books before they are released, and still the little buggers pop up in the proof copies.

After the editing comes the formatting. I won’t bore you with that but anyone who has ever produced a validated epub version of their work will know exactly what I am talking about.
So why bother? An author’s own work might be understandable, but why add to the work load by running an independent cooperative like Yellow Silk Dreams?

In one word – excitement! I enjoy posting new titles from YSD authors. They all share a commitment to good writing, well edited and displayed, and that makes life easier. We work on covers together and now I can call myself an artist as well as a writer (aren’t I conceited?) I enjoy counting the sales for all YSD books, not just my own. And I particularly enjoy meeting new authors, like Golden Angel, whose Venus Aspiring is just out as a Yellow Silk Dreams ebook and paperback. Hot stuff!

Jessica is just back from The Venus School and for the first time meets her two favourite lecturers in real life...

They showed up at her desk at 5:30 on the dot. As time had ticked closer Jessica had stopped being able to concentrate on any of her work, feeling like every minute was bringing her closer and closer to hell. Or heaven. And no telling which side of the coin was going to come up.

Seeing them took her breath away.  They were dressed differently; Mr. Flood in a navy suit and Mr. Fire in slightly more casual pants and sports coat, and they both looked fantastic. Sexy. Masculine.  It was another side to them, like the completely casual clothes she’s seen them in during the weekend at the Venus School. 

“Hi,” she managed to say.  And then winced, realizing how stupid she sounded. But they both smiled encouragingly at her. 

“Hey, beautiful,” said Fire, he grinned and winked at her, obviously thrilled that she was coming with them. 

“Hello,” said Flood. Although he hid his feelings better, she detected a general air of impatience to get going and anticipation around him. “Are you ready to go?” As soon as he asked, Jessica’s lips quirked into a smile.  Definitely some impatience.  And definitely the same men that she’d gotten to know, playful Fire and serious, dominating Flood.

Speaking of which. “Do I get to know which one of you is Justin and which of you is Chris first?”

Olivia had told her their real names but had neglected how to tell which was which. The men glanced at each other and flushed a little. Good, at least she wasn’t the only one off balance. 



“I feel like we should shake hands,” she joked. 

Justin’s eyes glinted. “We can do that.”

He held out his hand and she automatically took it, but instead of shaking it he used it to pull her from her chair.  Suddenly his large body was inside her personal space and she found herself wanting to step forward, not back.  Although he didn’t move she could see him watching her facial expressions, waiting for a clue as to how she was taking his forwardness.  Whether or not it was acceptable or maybe even turning her on.

It definitely was.

But then again she’d already know that the sex wasn’t going to be the problem. Getting to know them in real life was. Trying to decide between them was. Or trying to convince them not to make her decide, which would just bring on its own host of problems.  And there she went getting ahead of herself again. 

“Come on Jessica, I’m starving,” said Chris from behind Justin, breaking the tension. He clapped a hand on his buddy’s shoulder as he stepped up to join them. “Plus we have to get to Justin’s before the delivery guy shows up. I hope you like Chinese.”

Jessica rolled her eyes. Silly her forgetting that both of them had that habit of taking control. Chris was just slightly less intense about it. Too bad for her that she found it kinda hot. As long as they didn’t run right over her opinions. It hadn’t occurred to her that men who were used to taking control in the bedroom might be a wee bit more controlling outside of it too. 

“Alright,” she said, turning to get her purse, but Chris had already moved past her and grabbed it. Justin was still holding onto her hand, his thumb rubbing over her skin in a sensuous movement. She let out all the air in her lungs, feeling a little bit overwhelmed. They seemed determined to do everything they could for her. And seduce her. With Chris standing behind her and Justin standing in front of her she was forcibly reminded of being sandwiched in between them.

Not going to help her keep a cool head. Not at all.

The walk to Justin’s was surprisingly pleasant rather than awkward.  Justin walked with his arm around her shoulders, so she wrapped hers around his waist, and Chris wanted to hold hands. It was a surprisingly comfortable arrangement although she did see a few raised eyebrows from passerby.  Those looks made her wince internally.  That’s what it would be like if one of them didn’t end up appealing to her over the other.

Or she could lose both of them.

Jacqueline lives in Far North Queensland, on the shore of the Coral Sea. She keeps herself busy with her cats and garden, and by writing books - some of which are far too naughty for her own good. You can find out more about Jacqueline and her books at www.jacquelinegeorgewriter.com

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Guys on Top - Book Review - Blak Rayne #bookreview #gay #mmromance #gblt #sex #adult #fiction

Welcome to BRB, everyone!

As you probably know, and as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t generally read erotic romance. Well, romance period. But, on the rare occasion when a novel does spark my interest, it’s usually because I’ve reached a point where I desperately want to read someone else’s sex scenes instead of my own. Though I love my characters and enjoy writing about their lives, reading my own stories over and over, in particular during editing, becomes a monotonous process. And if I’m not careful the muse goes stale. For me, reading helps hone my skills as an author and provides an escape route from everyday life; books hold a wealth of knowledge.

I’d decided to take a break from revising Devotion and gone on to write a couple chapters of a new novel I’m working on. Of course, after a few hours, I’d grown weary of writing and took a break. Usually, when I take a break, I’ll wander away from the computer, or I'll snoop through Amazon to see what’s out there for books. The novels labelled ‘look inside’ are the only ones I bother with. I prefer to read whatever percentage is viewable, and if what I’ve read is desirable I may consider buying it. Honestly, I know immediately if I can handle reading the book, within the first few paragraphs. Covers, though essential to market a novel, can be deceptive, and I rarely, if ever, buy a book based solely on its cover.

On the day in question, I was perusing gay romance, and Guys on Top written by Darien Cox happened to catch my attention. Not because it had a spectacular cover, I’d read the blurb and decided to 'look inside'.

Guys on Top is a self-published novel – the story of Doug: an average, down-to-earth guy who seems to know what he wants out of life, having survived a bad relationship. And because of that bad relationship, he’s had to start over, and decides to rent a suite his brother has picked, on the ground level, in a Victorian home. The first five nights aren’t the greatest, as the tenants above him like to party. He can’t sleep and complains to his brother, who ends up leaving a message with the landlord, unknown to him. Next thing he knows, the neighbour from upstairs leaves a letter at his door.

After that he winds up at his brother Wyatt’s for dinner. Yet again, unknown to Doug, Wyatt invites a male nurse, Jairo, to dine with them. The man is handsome, not Doug’s type, but they hit it off well enough to go drinking together. A little later, while at the pub, the story really gains momentum when Doug meets Stewart.

Doug and Stewart are extremely likable characters, Corey not so much, which I don’t believe he was meant to be anyway (Stewart's lover); Doug drew me in and maintained my attention throughout the story, a hundred and eighty-eight pages that I read in an afternoon. Although both men are attractive, and the whole ‘getting to know one another’ was sweet, the journey turned out to be predictable. The author added just the right amount of sex scenes – each well written and hot. And a touch of romance. What I found annoying towards the end was the over usage of names and dialogue tags, basically, a need for stricter editing. There were points where I became somewhat confused, and I had to read certain sections twice; it felt as if the author had switched from Doug’s POV to another character, even though it wasn’t intended.  

Guys on Top is a simple, contemporary story of an average man, Doug, who struggles to reclaim his own identity and find a decent partner, better than the ex that ruined his life. If you like an easy read, GOT is for you. For me, I wish the plot had had more oomph, a twist, something. It was too bland. 3 Stars.

Happy Yaoi Hunting
Blak Rayne