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Monday, February 8, 2016

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Turkish Delight - #fivestarreviews #gayromlit #mmromance #sex

Turkish Delight

‘One box of candies, one blindfold, and in one night everything changed.’


Thanks to a rough break-up, computer programmer Leonard’s been miserable for months. He’s the first to admit, he picks partners based on what he sees. Which, according to his brother Nate is his biggest downfall. To prove a point, Nate forces him to attend a night of blindfold speed dating. The men are plentiful, but making a choice goes against his superficial nature.
As the evening draws to a close, he meets a man who breaks all the rules. He gives Leonard a kiss and only one solid clue to his identity before disappearing. Days after, and Leonard still can’t get that kiss out of his mind. But without a name or face, he holds little hope of ever finding the man.


The Jeep hit the curb with a jolt. He shut the engine down and I got out. Head back, I stared at the night sky, snow wafting through the air, landing on my face and terra firma, the cold biting at my cheeks and nose. The whole area, a city block, was desolate and had an eerie silence about it.
“Well, we’re here.”
“And what is here?” I stood beside him, exhaling white puffs, my hands sunk deep in my pockets.
“Your Christmas present.” He gave a nod towards the commercial building in front of us. A large red sign with white letters graced the front of it.
“Blindfold Speed Dating! What the—”
“You don’t know until you try.”
“This is where you brought me? Seriously? The gay end of Vancouver for an evening of speed dating?”
“Yep, that’s what an older brother is for. Merry frigging ho-ho!” Nathan tugged down on my shirt, straightening it like our mother used to do when I was a child. Then he adjusted my tie and jacket, smoothing and pulling here and there. “You’ve got a stain on your shirt,” he griped, trying to tuck the hem in under my waistline.
“Come on, I’m not a kid!” I grabbed his arm and removed it from my slacks.
“You look like you rolled out of a dumpster.”
“I like dumpster diving!”
“Grow up.”
“I’ve never done anything like this,” I whined.
He grabbed my wrist, turned my forearm underside up, and slapped a glossy piece of paper the size of a bookmark on my palm. “Cheer the fuck up and live a little.”
“But speed dating with a blindfold? Sounds a little too noir for my taste.”
He sighed, spun me around with more force than necessary, and pushed me in the direction of the entrance. “I’ll be back to get you at eleven.”
I dug my heels in, he bumped into me, and we slid across the sidewalk. “Nate, you know I’m not good at anything social.”
He barked like our dad, “Move! And don’t you dare skip out. Because I’ll know.” He made the I’m watching you two-fingered gesture several times.
I shook my head, shoving him away. “You’re such a jerk.”
“Anne and I bought you the ticket because we didn’t want to see you alone. No one should be alone at Christmas,” he said with finality as if it was the last time we’d see each other.
Scrunching the ticket, I glared at him, wondering where the hell he’d gotten the audacity to play Cupid. “Great. Got it.”
He got in the Jeep and waved before accelerating away.
Teetering on the edge of the sidewalk, I shook a fist. “Asshole!”
When I stopped my verbal assault, I realized how quiet it was. The snow had deadened the landscape like an invisible force field keeping the rest of the city at bay. Vancouver Village was a long way from home, especially when I didn’t have my car.
Light shone through the large windows, glistening on the freshly fallen snow. White settled in a lacy pattern on my clothes. I opened the door to the low decibel of male voices and a man wearing a badge that said, Gary–Coordinator.

Blak Rayne
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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Understand My Love #bookreview #gay #yaoi #sliceoflife

Welcome to BRB, everyone!

I’ve read countless books, and when it comes to mangas, I’m certain it’s in the hundreds. What I find so fascinating with mangas and comics, in general, is how they’ve evolved throughout the years within regards to the art. There are some fantastic artists, and they’ve created some memorable characters. And some stories have stuck with me either because of a particular scene or character. I may not remember the author’s name or the title of the book, but the part that sticks is never forgotten.
Boku No Ai O Shire or Understand My Love, art and story by Narazaki Souta, is a feel-good read. Chapters one to three recount college student Takuma’s story; how he meets Akio, a stranger who pays off his loan shark. Akio is the owner of a host club, and Takuma goes to work for him to pay back his debt. Of course, Akio has an ulterior motive, but that doesn’t make him a bad guy. He treats Takuma very well and is a hundred percent supportive.
There are two other stories that follow: one about a pair of Akio’s top earning hosts, another about a wedding agency consultant, and the last is an extra about the first couples.
I’ll be honest the stories aren’t mind-blowing but instead predictable. The art is pretty nice, and the characters are likable. But what makes this yaoi memorable is Akio’s nonchalant attitude when he confesses to Takuma. Akio is one of the most confident, polite and laid-back semes I’ve seen. They’re together talking, and he just comes out with it. The confession is so off-the-cuff I actually laughed because I thought: This guy has to be joking. But he isn’t, and it reminded me of someone I know, someone who can be just as laid-back and straightforward. Me. Yes, I’m ashamed to admit I’ve actually talked to people like that; in the middle of a conversation I throw a curveball, and they cringe, cry or blush. Of course, I’m not near as tactless as I used to be in my youth. I’ve learnt to curb my tongue. I blame it all on astrology since I’m a Virgo. :P Well, that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.

If you get a chance, and you want to read a yaoi that doesn’t involve rape, incest, raunchy over-the-top BDSM, vicious bullying, the yakuza or a hormonal teenage boy chasing his teacher and any other idiosyncrasy related to the genre Understand My Love is for you. 4 Stars!

Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Witches - And Why Not? Jacqueline George #sex #adultfiction #witches #erotic

OK, I admit it. Witches have always fascinated me. Not so much the Hallowe’en type of witch that fans of Walt Disney know and love, but more the real stuff you can find in Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic – made into a great film with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, still a favourite of mine.
Terry Pratchett has real witches in his books too, for all that they still fly around on broomsticks. I’m not a fan of riding broomsticks because I can’t believe in them (except for the sexy treat called Riding the Broomstick – if you don’t know what that is, drop me a line and I’ll walk you through it…)
No, I want witches who are powerful (of course) but live in the real world. And deal with real problems, only much more effectively that I ever could. That’s what Light o’Love is all about, a student witch with a conscience who is still growing into her powers.
I sat down to write with an idea in my head but as I wrote and researched and wrote again, I found myself unearthing old stories again and again. Unfortunately, most of them recorded by people who enjoyed hounding witches. Witness the wickedly tragic things done to those poor people in Salem. Mind you, Salem was a Sunday school picnic compared to what went on in Central Europe where 40-60,000 people were executed.
The most famous English witch trial centred on Pendle in Lancashire. The investigation and trial were carefully recorded and really bring the story to life. What makes the story so intriguing is that everyone is so human, and there are no goodies and baddies. Some of the ‘witches’ were really nasty people but (probably) no more capable of black magic than you or I. And many of the people who sat in judgement were loathsome.
Nine people were sentenced to death. One of them Alizon Device, was aged eleven and actually believed she was a witch.
Light o’Love and Skyler are out walking on Pendle Hill with their lecturer Holly, walking in the mist and listening to the story :
Light o’Love shook her head. Studying the Craft felt strange enough; having some connection to historical witches did not seem possible.
Holly continued. “What I’m telling you is the truth, as near as we know it. If you’re going to understand the Craft and how it survives, you need to know and understand the witches of Pendle. Anyway, going back to what happened.
 “Mother Demdike had a daughter, Elizabeth Device, and she in turn had a daughter, Alizon Device. I suppose the story really starts with her. In fact, we don’t know what sort of girl she was. Some would have it that she was flourishing and beautiful, Queen of May, and a friend to all. Almost the all-wise Princess. On the other hand, some speak badly of her… Actually, the first time we hear of her, she was begging beside the road, which doesn’t sound much like a Princess.
“So, there she is, begging, and along comes John Law, a pedlar. Apparently Alizon tried to get him to give her some pins to sell, on consignment if you like, and she will pay for them once she has sold them. But this is Lancashire after all, and the pedlar would not part with anything except for cold, hard cash. They argued, and I’m sure Alizon was still shouting at him as he left. Unfortunately for her, he’d only gone a few steps when he fell down with a stroke. Alive but paralysed.
“That must have been the talk of every house and cottage in the district, and Alizon was the granddaughter of Mother Demdike the witch. A couple of weeks later, they took Alizon for questioning as a witch to the local Justice and Squire, Roger Newell. Concepts of justice, and of guilt and innocence, were not so clear then as they are now. The reason for questioning a witch was not to examine her, but simply to get a confession and evidence against other witches. The whole thing was stupid really, because they tortured people horribly, mostly women and girls, while asking them leading questions. Of course, the poor women would admit to anything in order to stop the torture and Alizon signed a statement admitting to worshipping the Devil. She also implicated her grandmother, and Mother Chattox and her daughter Anne Redfern. The fact that Mother Chattox and her daughter were arrested on the evidence of one of her sworn enemies makes it sound as if Roger Newell was taking the chance of clearing out two families of notorious old trouble-makers.
“Things were bad enough where they stood, but now all of the Demdike family’s supporters gathered at Malkin Tower to hatch a scheme to attack the prison and free Mother Demdike. That was a direct affront to the authorities and they struck back hard. Everyone that could be caught was thrown into prison and labelled a witch. Of course, the confessions and incriminations flowed like water. It must have been appalling in that old prison, people being tortured day after day. Old women, girls, even children, the youngest was only nine. Just think of it.”
A cloaked figure loomed out of the mist in front of them and Light o'Love grabbed Holly’s arm in shock. She tried to say something, anything, to stop Holly as the figure came closer.
“Ah, here we are,” said Holly. “You’ve got to congratulate me. Exactly right, and no witchcraft. What do you think of that?”
The threatening figure in the cloud reduced itself to a concrete survey pillar surrounded by a cobble apron. Light o'Love’s heart slowed again. The cloaked figure had looked so real.
“Sandwich time,” announced Holly, “But I wish the sun would shine.” They squeezed together at the foot of the pillar and dug their lunch from their pockets.
“How do you know this story?” asked Skyler. “Has it been passed down?”
“I suppose it has. The whole affair was famous and we’re lucky that the records are good. I wouldn’t trust folk memories on a thing like that.”
“So what happened next?”
“Well, let me see. The original event, the pedlar John Law getting paralysed, happened at the end of March. By the beginning of April, the old women Demdike and Chattox were in prison along with Alizon and Anne Redfern. The plot at Malkin Tower came at the end of April, and the prison was full of witches from then on. They even brought some completely different prisoners over from Yorkshire to add to the fun.
“They went on trial in August, twenty supposed witches all at once. Old Demdike didn’t get as far as the trial. She had already died. I guess being tortured is not good for eighty-year old women. There are very good accounts of the trial written by the Clerk of the Court, Thomas Potts from London. They make me cry when I read them, it really was awful what they did to people then.
“They used Alizon’s young sister Jennet to convict her, her brother James, and their mother Elizabeth. The things they must have done to that poor child… How could she live with it afterwards? After convicting most of her family? Poor Alizon testified against her own mother.
“If you’re cynical about what was going on, you’ll be even more cynical about the verdicts. All the Yorkshire witches were found not guilty. Just the ones from around here were sentenced to death. Ten of them were hanged on the 20th of August. Including Alizon. She was only eleven.
“Come on, we’re getting cold. Let’s go and see where Malkin Tower used to be.”

Purchase the Book! Light O' Love

Jacqueline lives in Far North Queensland, on the shore of the Coral Sea. She keeps herself busy with her cats and garden, and by writing books - some of which are far too naughty for her own good. You can find out more about Jacqueline and her books at www.jacquelinegeorgewriter.com